The new and exclusive olfactory method


Feel the soul
of each perfume

The trail of perfume a person leaves when they pass by is called Sillage. Until now, the complexity of the formulas and the interference of alcohol meant it was impossible to perceive the perfume as it would be sensed when we wear it, just as others would smell it.

With AirParfum® we have found the way to trial as many perfumes as you desire without saturating your nose, faithfully reproducing the Sillage, perfume’s true essence, its soul.

AirParfum®’s technology has been tested by the best perfumers in the world, with the most whimsical combinations and with the most delicate fragrances, always with the same result… pure notes, no alcohol saturation and fully respecting the perfume’s identity.

No nose saturation
Perfumery training device
User Fragrance Profiling
Layering (mix your favorite sents!)
Data capture and analytics

Unlimited integration possibilities!

AirParfum® is a modular device designed to fit your fragrance portfolio needs, space and designs. It is conceived to work either standalone, in a backwall, in a gondola, or in a shelf. Possibilities are unlimited!


Through our diffusers you can feel the subtle breeze and experience all the nuances of each fragrance. They all can be easily integrated in every design and controlled according your needs. Get closer and smell your favorite scents!


Decide how many perfumes you need. Thanks to its modular architecture, you can pile modules of 5x perfumes and make sure all your favorite fragrances are included.

Central Unit

Designed as if it was another module block, the central Unit is the brain of the device.

Not only handles all the fragrance modules but also is able to communicate with external devices. Manage your fragrances from your phone, create apps, experiences and integrate them with the AirParfum® in an easy and transparent way.

Kodomizer™ our secret

Kodomizer™, named in tribute to the thousand year-old Japanese Kōdō ritual, is a precision instrument which turns pure air into aired perfume. Each Kodomizer, carrying a fragrance, is installed into a Fragrance Module as if it was a printer cartridge, and it can transform air into something as simple and as complex as perfumed air. (patent pending)

Kodomizer AirParfum
2500 trials
Traditional tester
100 ml.
700 trials

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