Create unique experiences
seamlessly integrated

Design olfactive experiencies to trial your products, create profiles with user preferences, and build innmersive installations to engage customers.

Airparfum® can be integrated into your own spaces  and designs seamlessly, and thanks to its API, you can easily connect to the device and create your own UXs.


Hardware Integration

Designed with a modular architecture, Airparfum® can host from 5 up to 80 perfumes adding blocks of 5 slots. Each device has three main parts, the diffuser to smell the fragrances, the interactive device to select de fragrances, and the central unit to control the device and install the Kodomizers®.


To smell the fragrances.

This part also comes with a led ring that changes the color to visually indicate when a fragrance is activated.

Interactive device

Connect a tablet, ipad or any computer and use your own apps.

You can also use controllers to incorporate buttons, sensors… AirParfum can virtually be plugged to any hardware to create amazing custom experiences.

Central unit

This part hosts all fragrances and has all the logic of the device. According to the number of fragrances, you can have several modules of perfume slots.

It also communicates with the interactive device, captures all the interactions and sends them to the cloud.

Modular architecture

to host all your fragrances

According to the number of fragrances and space constraints, you can choose between two basic Central Unit configurations: Modular and Rack, designed to fit into all kind of spaces.

Both configurations have the same functionality, but their components may be placed in a different location to better fit in all kind of spaces. According the number of fragrances, each configuration will have a different number of modules.

You can order an standalone AirParfum®, an AirParfum fit into one of our standard designs, or integrate it into your own furniture designs and
aesthetics. Possibilities are endless!



AirParfum comes with a built-in catalog app that allows customers to navigate and trial the fragrances installed in the device.

It also comes with an API to manage the fragrances remotely. This means you can create your own custom APPs to navigate your fragrance portfolio, to create blind olfactive experiences and get recommendations, to build integrated games or to create user profiles to better target your marketing campaigns and CRM activations…

Contact us for further details on hardware and software
integrations as well as for technical documentations and SDK