El Olfato - Exposición Olfativa

Museo del Prado


From April 4th until July 17th 2022, it took place an olfactory exhibition known as “The essence of a Painting. An Olfactory Exhibition” , located at Museo del Prado in Madrid.

In this collaboration between el Museo del Prado, PUIG perfumers and AirParfum, the visitor could smell the famous painting “The Sense of Smell” by Rubens & Jan Brueghel painted in 1617-1618 by navigating the different areas of the painting.

This exhibition consisted on placing 4 AirParfums with 10 perfumes specifically crafted for this purpose, representing how each specific part smelled back in that time.

After 3 months the experience had over 1.000 visitors a day and more than 286.000 sprays.

@Madrid – Museo del Prado

From April 2022 to July 2022